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The view "Contact Groups" displays all groups that were created for the respective project. Each of the presented contact group forms can be opened and adjusted out of this view.

In order to create a new contact group you need to click the "New Contact Group" button within the "Contact Groups" view. A new  form will open in a separate tab.

Besides the name of the group which could be e.g. General Engineers, you can also add a short description that will be display together with the name in the "Contact Groups" view. If required, a more detailed description can be added in the "Notes" field.

The members of the group can then either be picked from the list of registered contacts that can be unfolded by clicking the arrow head in the corner of the members field (pointed out in the screenshot) or they can be entered manually in which case the application will offer you matching choices from the contacts as soon as you enter more than two letters.

After the new contact group has been saved it will be listed in the contact group view alongside with the description. (Compare with the screenshot below.)

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