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Events can be sent to externals using Notices. Notices will then automatically be linked with the Event. Similar to a Transmittal Slip, PIRS will create a cover letter, containing information about the sent Event as well as an action the recipient is expected to perform.

To create a new notice, click the "New Correspondence" action within your event tool bar. You can either create a new notice from scratch or use a company template ("New Predefined Document Action").

In case your company has not defined templates yet, get in touch with your PIRS responsible or contact the SOBIS service desk.

The new Notice will open in a new tab.

Select a recipient, make sure to enter values for all mandatory fields and enter you text within the body field.

The Event will be automatically linked within the "Event(s)" tab. Similar to the transmittal slip used to send documents, you can define a new status which will be assigned to the Event after the notice has been sent. You can choose and select files attached to the event to be shared with the recipient of the notice. 

In addition, you can add or remove events for your list, use the "Fill event grid" feature to adjust the setting on some or all events that will be send out. With the bulk change feature, you are able to change values on the event(s) directly from the notice. This might come in handy in case you want to e.g. change the responsible of all selected events to another team member.

Once the notice has been saved or sent, it will be listed within the Event under the correspondence tab.

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