Global views The PIRS Global Views will on the one hand allow you to manage your correspondence, documents and action items on a cross-project level and on the other hand help you to quickly find PIRS entries regardless of the project they were stored within.

There are three different correspondence views, displaying all your received, your draft and your sent correspondence from all projects that you are involved with. The "My Documents" view will show a list of all documents the you have created or the you have modified regardless of the project they belong to. Within the "My Action Items" you will have a list of all open tasks assigned to you for all PIRS projects.

The "Search in all projects" view offers you an empty canvas with a search box. Here you can run any type of full text search and you can use all search options described in the chapter "Search and filter functions". The search result will contain found entries from all of your projects that match your search query.