Approval Workflows are a powerful solution to simplify and streamline document approval processes.
With this feature, you can configure both sequential and parallel steps, ensuring Documents or Events pass through the right hands efficiently.

The Workflow configuration settings can be found in the Project Administration

restricted access - for authorized users only.

Here new Approval Workflows can be created. An overview grid displaying the type, validity, name and revision number can be found and existing Workflows can be managed and revised.
Under "Documents with Workflow" all Meta Documents are displayed, which are linked to Workflows.


Approval Process Definition

The Approval Workflows are structured by single Approval Configuration Items. The order is displayed in column "Step". Sequential Workflow Items are on the highest order (0→1→2→ …​), while Parallel Workflow Items are subordinated (1.1↔1.2↔1.3↔…​).

By arranging the single Approval items, dependencies and workflows can be created which fit to the relevant business process.
The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience for users, facilitating smooth collaboration and timely document approvals.

Each Approval Item can be configured to define:

  • Choose Workflow responsible users / user groups

  • Trigger changes of the Document or Event Status (or other fields)

  • Set Due Dates for each Step to maintain accountability

  • Set acceptance and rejection actions

  • Initiate automated notifications to all relevant team members