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Create new folder(s)

 There are two ways you can create new folders.

  1. Create a new folder using the "New Folder" button:
    After clicking the button the folder settings window will open allowing you to enter a folder name, select a parent folder if required and also set the access rights.
  2. Create new folders based on an excel file:
    First create your folder import sheet by entering information for your new folder(s) within the table of the below provided excel sheet provided within the template chapter. The file has an exemplary folder structure which will give you an orientation on how you need to enter and set up your folder structure for the import to be successful.
    Folder Import Template.xls

    Next click the "Import Folders" button.

    A message box will pop up allowing you to select the prepared excel file from your local client or server.
    After you have selected the import sheet and clicked "Upload", PIRS will import all new folders based on the information provided in your excel file and include all new folders within your existing folder structure.

    In order to adjust the location, folder names or access rights proceed as described above.



Should you have deleted a folder precipitately and need to restore it, you are able to do so at the folder section of your Project Administration Recycle Bin.

Select the recycle bin within your navigation area and click "Folders". The content area will display a list of all deleted folders and indicate whether or not the respective folder had a parent folder that was also deleted. A sub-folder can only be restored if the parent folder is not in the recycle bin.

In order to restore a folder first mark the folder than click the "Restore Folder" button.