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Comment: Added highlights of version 3.12


PIRS  ReleaseNew FeatureShort DescriptionLink to Chapter in this Guide
3.12Presentation Overview

COMOS InterfaceAutomated import of COMOS meta data and files based on xml

3.11Presentation Overview

New options for document numberingCompute the document number based on any meta data

Keep DownloadsKeep all downloads in „Files in Progress“ window

3.10Presentation Overview

Zip uploadEnable the upload of all document files via zip file. FTP server is not needed anymore.Import Documents with attachments

3.9Presentation Overview

Implement Comment Review Sheet in Portal

Create Comment Review Sheet for any Document in PIRS:Portal.

Transfer your Comment Review Sheet Items to PIRS:Portal and vice versa.

Share and track feedback to Documents with all project partners.

Comment Review Sheet (CRS)

New Option for Predefined ActionPredefined Action is available also for Library Items.Predefined Actions

3.8Presentation Overview

Layout of the Document headerRedesigned the layout of the Document header. Display all field labels.Create new document

New option for Predefined ActionPredefined Action is available also for Letters.Create and send a letter

Easier organizing

Mark multiple items as Favorite in one step. Tag several items in one step.

Create a new Action Item for several Documents or Correspondence in one step.

PIRS Tool Bar Actions


New view"My Correspondence > Send (Distribution List)" shows all notifications send via Distribution List

Project Views

Define default display of sectionsIn the user settings you can define that PIRS keeps the display of the sections.User Preferences and Set-up

3.7Presentation Overview

Introduce Comment Review Sheet

Review documents internally before sending them to partners

Share comments between all parties

Follow up the whole commenting process

Give feedback to documents in a uniform way

Perform exhaustive commenting within PIRS (centralized)

Comment Review Sheet (CRS)

3.6Presentation Overview

Import contactsImport contacts into the address book via MS ExcelImport Contacts based on Excel Sheet

Improve notification of Action ItemsInform responsible or other users if Action Item is createdAction Items

Improve the mail box searchIgnore quotes and asterisk in mailbox searches

Search documents with full-text search

Use Full Text Search within Mailbox Views

3.5Presentation OverviewPIRS Highlights 3.5

Move recipients of a correspondenceMove recipients of a correspondence easily between TO/CC/BCC/Doclink via mouse clickCreate and send an email

Customizable new buttonDefine preferences for news buttons in personal settingsUser Preferences and Set-up

Additional sort optionsAllow sorting within grids of correspondence in read mode of a documentRead Mode vs Edit Mode

Optimize ActionsAllow execution of documents actions within a Transmittal or CommentSubmit documents using transmittal slip

Additional tab informationShow number of available entries in every tabRegard respective slide in overview presentation listed above

Add Send By field to ThreadIn addition to the From field we also display the Send By field in correspondence thread/timelineRegard respective slide in overview presentation listed above

Improve the display of sent documentsImprove the display of sent document files in Transmittals and CommentsRegard respective slide in overview presentation listed above

Display of delete buttonThe delete button will be visible for a single record to facilitateDeletion concept

Predefined Document Actions (Default Values)Predefined Document Actions will support now default values (if no other value has been defined)Predefined Actions

Smart pre-selection when FilingSmart pre-selection of default correspondence types during filing helps to avoid mistakesPersonal Mailbox , Create a Comment using a sent Transmittal Slip

Enable context menu in navigator viewsDisplay additional menu options if you click the right mouse button in navigationCustomize your project dashboard

Predefined Document Actions (Display)Open Predefined Document Action directly from Meta DocumentPredefined Actions

3.4Presentation OverviewPIRS Highlights 3.4

Improve page navigationShow number of selected records within page navigationRegard respective slide in overview presentation listed above

Bulk Changes for Action ItemsModify multiple Action Items in one step via Bulk ChangesAction Items

Additional filter in administrationAllow to set filter in Correspondence Code administrationCorrespondence Keywords

Improve Predefined Document ActionsUse definition of Predefined Document Actions also if documents are added afterwardsPredefined Actions

New filterA new "Select All" option in column filter to allow easier and faster selectionsRegard respective slide in overview presentation listed above

Computed numbers

Allow Customer- and Supplier Document Number to be generated automatically by external systems. 

Please, ask your PIRS contact or your Service Desk for more information.

Improve file uploadFiles can be dropped almost anywhere to upload. The "Drop files here to upload..." section is not required anymore.Manage Attachments

Enhance Create File from TemplateAdditional search wizard allows to generate template based on found documents.Create file from template

New API for Action ItemsAllow creation of Action Items via API.Please, ask your PIRS contact or your Service Desk for more information.

SSO / FIMSSingle Sign On via Federated Identity Management Service.Please, ask your PIRS contact or your Service Desk for more information.

3.3OverviewPIRS 3.3 Highlights

Check for mail duplicatesPIRS filing wizard checks whether or not an email has already been filedPrevent duplicates

"Expand all" / "Collapse all""Expand all"  and "Collapse all" function is available within Documents and CorrespondenceRegard PIRS 3.3 Highlights

Recently viewedA new view shows all recently viewed documents and correspondences for easy and quick accessProject Views

Date Filter in Mailbox ViewSet a time frame for emails to be loaded when accessing your personal or project mailbox to optimize loading performancePersonal Mailbox

Edit recipients of groupsPrior to sending or saving a new mail you are able to remove recipients that were included by adding a PIRS groupCreate and send an email

"My Action Items" view on global dashboardAccess Action Items for all projects on your global dashboardGlobal Views

3.1Document Check-in/ Check-outUsers are able to check-out and check-in documents. The document will be locked and only available in edit mode for this user.Document check-in & check-out
Print Button

Correspondence, documents and action items can now be printed via direct browser print without creating a PDF version first

Print without print template
Filter Attachment Column

Attachment column does now support filter (Yes/No)

Filter data
Transmittal Slip CheckNew feature will check if the user selected at least one attachment per document within a transmittal slipSubmit documents using transmittal slip
Edit Correspondence DatesNew optional feature that allows users to update the date of draft letters and library items. Project Admins can update all correspondence dates.Update date
Rename AttachmentsAllows user to modify attachment names without downloading the fileManage Attachments
Multi-Value Keywords for Bulk Change

Bulk change for documents does now support super-box items, multi-value keywords can be adjusted as well.

Bulk Change
Integrate Active Directory

Optional function allowing to synchronize PIRS users and PIRS access groups with Active Directory

Please, ask your PIRS contact or your Service Desk for more information
LDAP integrationOptional feature that allows to import and update the PIRS address book via LDAPPlease, ask your PIRS contact or your Service Desk for more information

3.0File ViewerPIRS File Viewer allows to use several common annotation and flag functions such as red lining, notes or underlining.PIRS File Viewer
Social Networking

PIRS Activity Stream displays actions and activities of all PIRS users. 

Actions and activities listed in the Activity Stream can be commented by creating Posts.

PIRS Social Networking
Encrypt E-mails

Send encrypted e-mails to recipients using S/MIME.

Filling of encrypted mail form the project inbox is also supported.

Sending encrypted E-Mails

Organize PIRS correspondence and documents by defining special keywords (Tags)



View Files
Directly open files (pictures and PDF) in your browser window without downloading them firstView Files within your Browser
Save and manage filtersSave personal and public filters for correspondence and document gridsFilter data
New Correspondence view
Follow your received correspondence sent to you as Distribution ListCorrespondence received via Distribution Lists
Drag & Drop of Tabs Arrange the open tabs within your PIRS project content displayManage your Content Tabs
Action Items
Manage your tasks and meetings, create tasks for yourself and your team and sent remindersAction Items
Portal Integrate your customers and suppliers in your PIRS project using the PIRS Portal environment

For more information ask your PIRS project manager, contact the SOBIS Service Desk or read our related blog posts.


Improved preview paneDownload the attachments and copy any text from preview paneCorrespondence Preview Pane
Bulk changeModify the value of multiple documents in one step.Bulk Change
Download multiple files in one stepDownload all files of one or multiple correspondence / documents in one step as a zip file.Download Attachments
Predefined document actionsUse templates for transmittal slips / comments with predefined field values and document actionsPredefined Actions
New options to select document numberStep by step selection in document numbering wizardCreate new document

Send Transmittal Slip without document attachments

Transmittal Slip is send without the attachments of the linked technical documentsSubmit documents using transmittal slip
New report configurations + new report downloadDialog box before report is started with additional report query properties + continue working while report is generated in the background.Reports

PIRS Archive Solution

Export of all project data from PIRS e.g. for project handover to customer / access all project correspondence and documents without using PIRS

Optional Feature


Favorite EntriesSelect your favorite correspondence, documents, contacts, companies and contact groups and access them form views or widgetsFavor Entries
Global ViewsAccess all your correspondence and documents from the global dashboardGlobal Views
Global SearchFull-test search function cross-projectGlobal Views
Global ReportsRun reports cross-projectReports
Search Attachment ContentInclude all attachments in your full-text searchSearch documents with full-text search
Reply to TSUse new preselect function for sent documents replying to a Transmittal SlipCreate a Comment using a sent Transmittal Slip