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PIRS Activity Stream

 Activities of PIRS users such as creating or editing new correspondence or documents, sending transmittal slips and comments or creating new contacts or action items are always documented within the PIRS Activity Stream.

The Activity Stream lists all actions but is restricted by the users individual access rights. This means that each user will only be able to see the activities he has the right to be informed about and for which is allowed to access the related items in PIRS. For example, should your project manager create a confidential document, than this event would only be visible within the activity stream of those PIRS users who have at least read access to the respective document. All other users would not have this particular event listed in their Activity Stream.

All actions listed in your Activity Stream include links to the contact who carried out the event as well as to the related PIRS item (e.g. the document or the correspondence that was created).

There are two different type of Activity Streams. You can either take a look at latest activities focused on one particular folder or referring to the entire project.

  1. Folder based Activity Stream

Up to PIRS release 2.4 there were two separate areas within each folder, one for the correspondence and the other for the documents stored within the respective folder. Since PIRS 3.0, users will find a third section presented to them in each folder titled "Activity Stream".

Within this third folder area you are able to follow all current folder-based activities.


  1. Project based Activity Stream

In order to keep track of all current events and actions of your project, PIRS offers a view titled "Activity Stream" that displays all new activities regardless which folder or PIRS area they occurred in.

The view can be found in the "Views" area of your navigation panel. Furthermore, the view can also be added to your project dashboard as widget.



Receive notification about new post

 By default PIRS will not inform you if your team members write new posts concerning your PIRS correspondence or documents or in relation to your activities. Should you like This means that you will receive a note when a user writes a post to:

  1. correspondence / document / action item you have created / modified or
  2. correspondence / document / action item you have marked as favorite or
  3. correspondence / document / action item that you have received via distribution list or
  4. a document where you are producer, owner, or responsible
  5. e-mail, letter, transmittal slip, comment that you have received or
  6. an action item where you are responsible, or listed as involved or
  7. correspondence where you are listed as "from"

If you don't want to receive notifications in form of e-mails you need to enter your personal settings and open the tab Image Removed.section "Notifications".

Image Added

Within this tab you have the option to activate or deactivate the distribution of your personal notification.

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