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SymbolShort DescriptionLong DescriptionScreenshot

Free hand tool

Prior to making free hand annotations you can pick the color.

As soon as you finished the annotation, the item will appear within the panel on the left hand side.

Image Added

If you select the item in the panel and then right click on the marked annotation you are able to

  1. leave a comment, explaining the marking for your colleagues
  2. adjust the style (e.g. color, thickness, shape)
  3. delete it
  4. or link a page or URL

Image Removed

Text tools:

  1. Highlight
  2. Underline
  3. Underline Squiggly
  4. Strikeout
  1. To highlight a specific text passage select this symbol then mark the respective text by holding the left click of your mouse.

    You select the color of your highlight prior to highlighting. In addition you can change the style, leave a comment, delete it or include a link by selecting the respective item in the panel and then right clicking on it within the document.

  2. and
  3. You can underline or squiggly underline words or text fragments using these symbols. Simply mark the word or text you wish to underline with your mouse. Prior to marking the text you are able to select the color. As with all other annotations you are also able to change the style, add a comment, delete it or link a URL by selecting the item within your panel.
  4. Words or text elements can be crossed out using this symbol. Select the annotation, then mark the text passage you like to strike out. In addition you are also able to add comments to your strike-through in a message box that will open automatically.

Shape Tools

Within the shape tools you are able to pick between

  1. a Rectangle
  2. an Ellipse
  3. a Line
  4. an Arrow
  5. a Polyline
  6. a Polygon
  7. or a Cloud

For each shape you can select the color of its border and, if it offers it, its fill. In addition you can also select its opacity as well as the thickness.

As with all annotations, these style settings can be adjusted and supplemented afterwards by selecting the item within the panel.


The Eraser can be used to delete made notations. To undo the deletion of notations use the keyboard combination (CTRL + Z or for German boards STRG + Z)

Keep in mind that this eraser is not going to erase elements within the document, but only made annotations.


The signature tool allows you to either draw your signature or initials by hand. Type it with our keyboard or upload a digital image of it.

By selecting  the option "Save signature" you can save the image for later annotations.

The image you upload will be save with your profile, therefore only be available for your own use, not other PIRS users.

You can always delete, replace or add additional signatures to your profile.

Free Text

In order to enter text anywhere on your document select this symbol. Then left click the area within which you like to insert your text.

Enter your text within the box that appears. Color, thickness, text size as well as the box border and fill can be adjusted prior to selecting the area or afterwards by selecting the item within your panel.

Comment Note

Select the comment symbol, then click on the area in the opened file you like to comment on.

A note symbol will appear and the comment box will open in your panel. Here you can add your notes. Then click save.

Should you wish to reply to a comment regardless who left it, you can use the reply feature within the panel.


A callout is a special type of comment that allows you to point out a specific space or area on your document.

Image Added

Click on the spot you like to draw attention to. Then use the left click again in order to insert your comment. The selected spot and your comment box will be connected with an arrow.

Image Removed


By clicking this symbol, you can temporarily upload an image to be included as stamp within your document.

First click the symbol, next click on the spot you would like to insert the image. Your explorer will be opened automatically, allowing you to select the file.

Image Added

The image will be included on your document and listed as annotation item in your panel. You can still move, edit and resize your stamp.

Image Added

Please be aware that a stamp is only uploaded temporarily and will not be stored for the next use.

Image Removed

Image Removed

Rubber Stamp

This tool offers a set of preset stamps for you to choose from. Once you select a stamp you can still move and resize the image right away.

Image AddedImage Added

In addition, you can of course also select the item within the panel and further edit the stamp.

Image Removed

Image Removed


Panel features

As mentioned above you are always able to select an annotation within the panel to change its style, add a comment, delete it or add a link to it. Simply select the item, the viewer will automatically jump to the annotation and mark it. Then right click the annotation to open the options underneath.

In order to remove an annotations, regardless whether your have already saved it or not, select the annotation item in your panel, then either click the delete key on your keyboard or open the options listed in the right corner of the item and select "Delete".

Besides the option to delete an annotation, you are also able to edit it.

Furthermore, you can set a status for the item that for example reflects your review result. Here you can choose between accepted, rejected, cancelled, completed and none.

Once you selected the status, it will be listed directly underneath the annotation within the panel. You can always edit or delete the status.