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Besides the columns "Doc number", "Revision", "Valid" and "Title", by default there are four more columns in the table of the document tab. In addition, you have the opportunity to add more columns that might be important for you (compare with screenshot).

The additional columns coincide with field values in the linked documents and will automatically be adjusted to fit the new values which you set within the transmittal slip. For example if a draft document has been approved internally the status of the individual document can be adjusted within the transmittal slip. The status of the document within PIRS will be changed to meet the new adjustments as soon as the transmittal slip is saved or sent. Furthermore, a new "Action" e.g. "For Approval" by the customer and the expected respond date can be set.



titleFiles attached to PIRS documents

Please be aware that by default none of the attachments stored within a PIRS document will be included and have to be selected manually. This is especially useful if you generally don't plan to send all attached files of a document e.g. if you by default store a technical drawing as PDF as well as CAD file but you only wish to transmit PDF files to the customer, this feature insures that you personally select exactly those attachments that are supposed to reach the recipient. (Compare the following two screenshots.)



As sending options PIRS enables you to choose between e-mail, paper copy and sending without document attachments. In all three cases a PDF file containing all entered transmittal slip data will be created. Should you choose to send the transmittal slip as e-mail, the PDF file will be attached to the email alongside with a zip file that will contain the selected attachments of the included documents. Furthermore the entered body text will appear in the body of the email together will the content of the document table. The familiar blue PIRS box offering different links to the transmittal slip within the application is attached on top of the email. (Compare with the image below.)

As a second option, you are able to send the transmittal slip without actually including the attachments of your selected PIRS documents. The email will contain the PDF of the transmittal slip as well as the blue box and the text you entered in the body field. Furthermore any attachments that were added to the transmittal slip will be included in the email. However, all files attached to the documents you are sending with the transmittal slip will not be transferred as zip file.

In case you choose to send the transmittal slip as paper copy together with the necessary documents in paper form, PIRS creates and automatically opens the document as PDF file according to your selected company template. The PDF file can then be printed and sent to the recipients as hard copies.

For all three options, the transmittal slip will be stored within PIRS.

Please be aware that in order to insure revision and document control, all attached files of a PIRS document are frozen as soon as a transmittal slip has been sent. After a document has been transmitted therefore the meta data can still be adjusted but the document file (e.g. a PDF or CAD file) cannot be changed anymore.


What happens if a document has not received final approval

If one or more documents that you are sending via transmittal slip have not received the final approval, meaning the approval workflow has not been completed or have been rejected, the transmittal can not be sent.

In this case you will receive a notification informing you about the issue including a list of all documents that can currently not be sent doe to missing approvals.

Image Added

You can now use the list to quickly find, filter and remove the documents in question or, in case you have the necessary access rights complete the workflow.