• …​PIRS Web is a central application, with the areas Correspondence and Documents

  • …​you can access your project information easily from your mobile phone or tablet at any time

  • …​you can use PIRS Portal to integrate your external parties – collaboration using a secure and separated environment

  • …​you can change your password, language and other settings under “My Settings”

  • …​every user has its own Recycle Bin to restore unintentionally deleted documents

  • …​the Controlling Area offers different views of your data by graphical support

  • …​Reporting via PDF, Excel and Word is available to every user

  • …​PIRS Web has a project address book with all project contacts, usergroups and companies

Correspondence & Documents

  • …​you can send a document link via Distribution List instead of sending the full document to reduce the data traffic

  • …​PIRS Web has a special document number generator, which assigns a unique number for each document

  • …​you can upload multiple documents or move items to another folder via Drag & Drop

  • …​you can create a Cross Reference between documents, add a document to Favourites, assign Tags and create a new Action Item via the Organize-Button

  • …​an overview of all open tasks shows you your to dues (Action Items)

  • …​you can modify the values of multiple Documents in one step by using the Bulk Change action in your views and folders

  • …​you can use the Predefined Actions function that allows you to use customized templates with predefined field values and document actions

  • …​e-mails from the Personal Mailbox can be filed easily into PIRS Web

Social Functions

  • …​PIRS Web offers social features

  • …​you can get a quick overview with the Activity Stream

  • …​you can create Posts to discuss an important issue

  • …​the Social Functions reduce the number of e-mails and save time within your project

Organization & Overview

  • …​you can view and annotate your documents within your browser – it significantly reduce the time for document approval process, because you do not need to download the documents

  • …​every user can customize his Dashboard individually

  • …​you can have individual Search and Filter functions

  • …​you can favour your projects, folders and documents

  • …​PIRS Web provides the cross-project search and reporting